w223 new mercedes benz s class black rear

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Breaks Cover!

After months of teasing us with spy shots and interior details, Mercedes-Benz has finally taken the cover off the new, seventh-generation S-Class. More than a flagship, the big S defines the essence of the brand, their accumulation of everything learned from previous generations, the torchbearer of great things to come. The cachet of the S-Class is such that when people think about Mercedes, the association is naturally with the big luxury cruiser. That is what makes a Benz a Benz, the magic that helps sell lesser vehicles in the line-up. You get the gist, a new S-Class means a big deal for the brand.

w223 new mercedes benz s class silver front

Globally, around 9 out of 10 customers opt for the long-wheelbase variant, which means space is of utmost importance. Thus, the new car is ever so slightly longer, wider, and taller, with a significant 51mm added to the wheelbase, making for a roomier cabin.

w223 new mercedes benz s class silver

And what a cabin! A staggering departure from the previous W222 generation, the new S-Class is an intriguing mix of futuristic design, interior architecture and elements from the world of yachting. It doesn’t hide things away like in the new Ghost (yet another gorgeous interior) but the radical new design language will surely find its backers.

w223 new mercedes benz s class interior

The interior changes would be too many to list here, but the highlight is the debut of the second-gen MBUX system, which now uses a lot of cameras and learning algorithms to predict your intentions. In a world first, the long wheelbase S-Class gets optional frontal airbags for both rear occupants.

w223 new mercedes benz s class interior
You can have five screens in total, two in the front and three in the back.

More tech goodness comes in the form of a 3D driver display, augmented reality head-up displays, an improved voice assistant, active ambient lighting, and even a 31-speaker ,1750 watt Burmester sound system with 37 output channels.

The upper section of the dash is cleanly separated from the trim element below, accentuating the horizontal breadth. In the centre of the former are stacked four aircon vents, complemented by a pair of slim, vertical side vents on each side of the dashboard. The driver and media displays can be personalised with a choice of four display styles – Discreet, Sporty, Exclusive, and Classic – and three modes – Navigation, Assistance, and Service.

w223 new mercedes benz s class interior

In a showcase of how complex something as seemingly simple as a seat can be, the front chairs have up to 19 motors installed, and serve up 10 different massage programmes. Of course, they are heated, cooled, can be adjusted any which way, and can even stop you from sliding around.

w223 new mercedes benz s class interior

If you spend more time at the rear, you get to choose from five different seating configurations depending on your preference to use it as a workspace or a place to simply unwind. Get this, even the little cushions for the rear headrests can now be warmed up!

It comes without saying that the S-Class brings with it a mind-boggling array of automated driving and assistance systems. But check this out – Mercedes say the new S-Class has the onboard tech to to enter and leave multi-storey car parks equipped with an Automated Valet Parking infrastructure in highly automated mode and without a driver. It just has to be legal in your country.

An improved version of the AIRMATIC air suspension with continuously adjustable damping is standard. Adding to the comfy yet controlled ride quality that big Benzes are known for, are optional rear-axle steering and fully active E-Active Body Control.

w223 new mercedes benz s class white rear

Design? Well, the W222 was a good-looking car in my opinion. This, not so much. You’re free to argue in the comments.

w223 new mercedes benz s class white

Flush-mounted door handles are optional, and electrically extend when the driver approaches.

While the new S-Class has been launched with a choice of two engines – a petrol and a diesel 3.0L inline-six – there will be a V8 and a plug-in hybrid coming next year.

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